How does the timer work?

The timer starts as soon as you accept a task. The time displayed is automatically calculated based on the number of words in the task, regardless of the deadline given by the client or TextMaster's project managers.

If the timer on your task runs out, you will receive an automatic email notification. We strongly advise you to contact a project manager or TextMaster support to agree a delivery date.

If you don't contact a project manager before the timer reaches zero, the task may be reassigned to another author at any time.

You are allowed to pause the timer for two reasons:

• If you need more time than is given.
• If you want to start working on another project at the same time. You will need to pause the timer for task that you're currently working on. Please do not overuse this feature: it is very important to submit each task within the given time.

When you pause the timer, you will no longer see the expected turnaround time. Please submit the task within a reasonable amount of time after the timer is paused. You can ask the client if your turnaround time is acceptable or you can ask one of our project managers.

IMPORTANT: it is mandatory to write a comment when pausing the timer. For example: "I need to leave for a little while, but I will submit the file by 6pm" or "To be delivered on December 12, with the approval of Mathias, project manager".

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