Now I am registered, how can I get access to projects?

Our selection procedure differs depending on whether you wish to be considered as a crowd writer/translator (native speaker) or a professional:

Crowd writers/translators (native speakers):

To join our community of crowd writers/translators (native speakers), you will need to sit our tests. To do this, click on the red banner (translation, proofreading or content writing) displayed on your dashboard. If you find that you are unable to select a given language or activity, it means that we are not currently accepting applications for that language/activity because we already have more than enough translators/writers. Your test will be assessed by one of our Quality Controllers and you will then receive an email informing you of your results.

How long will it take for my test to be assessed?

Tests are assessed one by one by our Quality Controllers. We do all we can to make sure the process is as swift as possible but, given the large number of applicants, it may sometimes take a little longer than usual. We apologise if you are kept waiting. You can also view the status of your tests in your TextMaster account, in the section concerning the activity in question.

Why was my test rejected? Can I try again?

At TextMaster, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing the best possible service. To do this, we have to be extremely rigorous when it comes to selecting the writers/translators that will handle our clients' projects. If a test does not meet our standards in terms of spelling, grammar, syntax or vocabulary, we cannot accept it. You may, of course, try again. But if you choose to do so, you should pay close attention to the reason(s) why your first attempt was rejected.


To join our community of professional writers/translators, enter your activities and working languages in the "Skills" section of your TextMaster account. Our team of Talent Managers will examine your application and send you a test as soon as we have a potential job proposal that matches your profile. You will then receive the result of your test by email. If you cannot select a language, it means we are not looking for people with that particular skillset at the moment.

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