Why am I unable to send a translation to the client?

Check that the file format that you are trying to upload on the platform is exactly the same as the one that the client originally uploaded. For example, if the client ordered translation of an Excel file with the extension .xlsx, you will not be able to submit a .doc or .xls file.

If you translated directly on TextMaster's translation interface and you are having problems submitting a file, please check the following:

• That there is no HTML code missing (for example: "< / it>"). Every HTML tag in each source segment must be present in its corresponding target segment.

• All the segments must be confirmed in order for the task to be submitted to the client. To confirm a segment, click on the yellow circle to the right of each segment. The circle will change to green once the segment has been confirmed.

• Most importantly, you must not add extra characters to the translated segments, such as line breaks, if they are not in the source segments.

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