Who Are We?

Created in 2011, TextMaster is the leading professional translation service available entirely online. By combining a network of experienced translators in over 50 languages with advanced technology, TextMaster is redefining how businesses handle translation.

The TextMaster team has been growing continuously over the years. Today, our international project management team is made up of professionals who have progressed within the translation and/or copywriting industry.

The Power of an Experienced Network

We owe our success to our win-win partnership with our authors. We have always had the same philosophy: combine the most talented professionals in the industry with leading-edge tools in order to offer a disruptive turnkey solution online.

TextMaster takes care of everything to make our author’s lives easier; from developing sophisticated technology, selecting authors, attracting new clients, managing payment and billing, as well as handling customer support. That’s because our authors are at the heart of our business and the foundation of our client’s satisfaction.

Want to become a part of our network?