What are the different types of project/task statuses?

The status of projects and tasks within the project change automatically.

Awaiting Assignment

The project or task is available for writers/translators on a first-come-first-served basis.

In progress

You are currently working on the task or project.


A task will have an "incomplete" status if the client or language manager has sent you a message, with or without a revision request, after you've submitted the work.
Please note that once you finish working, you must click on "Send to client" in order to change the status to "Client review".


The project or task was repossessed and reassigned to another author for one of several reasons: your timer ran out, you asked that the project be reassigned to someone else, or (in rare cases) for another reason, which your moderator will explain to you.

Client review

The task or project was sent to the client, who has 7 days (maximum) to review the work and ask for any revisions. By default, the project is automatically approved after 7 days. Please note that some tasks are randomly sent to quality control before being sent to the client.

Approved and paid

The task or project is finished and you have been paid.

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