What does the “Rate the client” option entail?

At the end of every project you complete on TextMaster, you can rate your client and your client can rate you.

In both cases, there are three possible ratings: Positive, Neutral or Negative. These ratings are solely for TextMaster's internal use. They allow us to check that projects are running smoothly and that there are no problems between clients and writers/translators.

If you do not want to work for a particular client again, for instance, we can stop displaying that client's projects in your list. To do this, simply "blacklist" the client at the end of a project and give your reason in the comments field.

Likewise, a client may decide not to send you any more projects if your work does not meet their expectations.

Client feedback is taken into account when assessing your partnership with us and may ultimately have an impact on our working relationship.

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