What happens to my project once I submit it?

Once you have finished a project, click on "Send to client" to submit the file to the client. From there, the file will either be sent directly to the client, or it will be sent to one of TextMaster's approved Quality Controllers, who will double check the quality of your work before sending it to the client.

If the client ordered the Quality Control option, this step will be mandatory after you submit the work. Otherwise, quality control is conducted on a random basis before being sent to the client. If necessary, the person in charge of Quality Control will contact you and ask for changes in the text. Please make the changes in a timely manner and resend the text to the client.

Quality Control generally takes 24 hours, except for very large projects, where it can take several days. The status of a project under Quality Control is the same as a task that has been sent directly to the client: "Client Review"

Once the client receives your text, they have 7 days to ask for changes if the submitted work does not meet their expectations. The deadline may be extended by a day or two if there is a Quality Control step. If the client asks for revisions, the project will reappear in your dashboard with the status "Incomplete" and you will receive a message from the client with details about the changes that they would like to see.

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