Climate Change and International Expansion: Friends or Foes?

We previously discussed the future of e-commerce and climate protection in the articles such as “5 major retail trends for 2020”, where we addressed the theme of sustainable development. The testimonials of several entrepreneurs during Paris Retail Week showed that the ecological vision of brands was one of the main themes of the event’s conferences, as was the case at the K5 in Berlin. Climate protection is therefore undeniably one of the major concerns of retail and e-commerce players.

We have used the input received as the basis for our new eBook entitled, “Klimaschutz und internationale Expansion” (Environmental Protection and International Expansion) in which we pose the question as to whether the two are irreconcilable or compatible.

Drawing on exclusive data from Kantar we also highlight consumer behaviour as well as logistical and environmental problems. You will find out how green Europe’s consumers are and which countries are setting the pace when it comes to environmental protection. In summary, it can be noted that many European countries have a great deal of catching up to do and are often found lagging behind when compared directly with other countries.

10 Facts on the Topic of Climate Protection!


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  1. More than 62% of Europeans have a fundamental concern regarding this issue – with the figure highest in Spain, at 71%!
  2. 74.3% of Europeans make an effort to recycle!
  3. Simple and free return shipping incite consumers to choose online shopping!
  4. The majority of EU states hope to be climate-neutral by 2050 – and this includes Germany!
  5. The TOP 3 countries for online shopping are: 1. The United Kingdom 2. Ireland and 3. Poland & France!
  6. 47% of the German population are willing to make lifestyle compromises in favour of protecting the environment!
  7. As much as 69% of Germans are not of the opinion that excessive significance is attributed to the environment!
  8. Companies must act ethically (It is important that a company acts ethically: Total EU: 67% – DE: 55% ES: 86% FR: 67% and GB: 68%)!
  9. Companies must give something back to society (I like to buying products from companies who give something back to society: Total: 34% – DE: 26% ES: 24% FR: 45% and GB: 41%)!
  10. Croatia, Ireland and Latvia order the most goods from abroad, a trend that is also on the rise in Romania and Germany!

Download the free eBook “Klimaschutz und internationale Expansion” (Environmental Protection and International Expansion) and find out how you can make an active contribution towards climate neutrality and why local strategies must be adapted in various countries.

One thing is already certain: Localisation is the key to success, including when it comes to environmental protection! 

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Sustainability and international expansion

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