Focus on the environmental impact of e-commerce


What environmental impact does e-commerce have?

The growth of e-commerce in Europe continues unabated! During the last three years, a 9% increase has been recorded, and a look at this year’s early results shows that January was up +8% on 2023. But with more online shopping comes more parcels, more packaging, more pollution.

So as e-commerce experts, we did some research to analyse the real environmental impact of e-commerce.

What are the environmental impacts of online sales?

Even in 2015, emissions from international [...]

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How to implement an e-commerce affiliate programme


E-commerce: how to launch an affiliate programme

If implemented correctly, affiliate marketing can be a very profitable acquisition strategy. To do this, you’ll need to enter into partnerships with relevant affiliate sites who will feature your products on their sites. When someone orders on your site via an affiliate link, the affiliate will receive a commission from you.

Now that you understand the principle of this strategy, we explain the importance of affiliate marketing in e-commerce and how to implement it.

The role [...]

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E-commerce & augmented reality: the complete guide


E-commerce and augmented reality: good practice

If you were around when the first mobile phones made their appearance, there’s a good chance that you might feel overwhelmed by artificial intelligence, virtual fitting and styling, augmented reality (AR), etc. Even if all these new technologies seem difficult to understand, they represent real business opportunities for e-tailers.

So, without delay, here’s how to make the most of augmented reality in e-commerce.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is an emerging technology that changes the [...]

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Developing your e-commerce site in Europe


How to develop your e-commerce business in Europe

Europe is a huge hub for global e-commerce, alongside China and the US. In 2023, e-commerce in Europe saw an increase of 9% and in January 2024, an increase of 8% was recorded, compared to 2023. This trend is evidence of the power of e-commerce in the EU zone.

This begs the question: how can you develop your e-commerce business in Europe and conquer the continent?

1. Identifying European countries in which to do [...]

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9 ideas for making your e-commerce business more eco-friendly


9 strategies for making your e-commerce business more eco-friendly

According to forecasts made by Statista, online sales will reach 1.1 trillion dollars in the US by 2029. A new record! But as e-commerce expands and grows, so does packaging. “So many deliveries, this must impact pollution…” – consumers are well aware of the harmful impact of e-commerce on our planet. To reassure visitors to your website, here are nine strategies to make your business more eco-friendly! 🌱

Statistics and major [...]

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