E-commerce & augmented reality: the complete guide


E-commerce and augmented reality: good practice

If you were around when the first mobile phones made their appearance, there’s a good chance that you might feel overwhelmed by artificial intelligence, virtual fitting and styling, augmented reality (AR), etc. Even if all these new technologies seem difficult to understand, they represent real business opportunities for e-tailers.

So, without delay, here’s how to make the most of augmented reality in e-commerce.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is an emerging technology that changes the [...]

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Developing your e-commerce site in Europe


How to develop your e-commerce business in Europe

Europe is a huge hub for global e-commerce, alongside China and the US. In 2023, e-commerce in Europe saw an increase of 9% and in January 2024, an increase of 8% was recorded, compared to 2023. This trend is evidence of the power of e-commerce in the EU zone.

This begs the question: how can you develop your e-commerce business in Europe and conquer the continent?

1. Identifying European countries in which to do [...]

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Everything there is to know about e-commerce virtual try-on


E-commerce Virtual Try-on: The Complete Guid

Who hasn’t dreamt of being able to try on a pair of shoes before ordering them? Good news: it’s now possible with e-commerce virtual try-on! Consumers seeking immersive experiences will be delighted to try out this technology on your site. So what exactly is virtual fitting and what tool do you need to be able to set it up on your online store?

What is e-commerce virtual try-on?

Virtual try-on is an innovative technology that enables internet [...]

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Why you should translate your e-commerce website now


Why you should translate your e-commerce website

You already sell your products online, so selling them internationally should be easy, right? That’s the idea, anyway. In practice, your website needs to be translated into different languages to reach those international audiences. Even though your website is technically accessible from all four corners of the world, it will not generate any sales if visitors cannot read the product information and sales pages.

Customer comprehension is obviously crucial, but there are actually several other [...]

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E-commerce customer service: 8 best practices


E-commerce customer service: Eight best practices to adopt

Today, customers are more demanding than ever when it comes to customer service. 61% of them say they change providers after a single bad customer service experience. And 91% of internet users reorder from the same site after having had a positive customer service experience. It is therefore crucial for e-commerce owners to adopt best practice in 2024 when it comes to customer service.

1. Ensure communication is proactive

Responding quickly and pleasantly will [...]

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