What are the main e-marketing trends for 2023?


The 10 e-marketing trends to know for 2023

To maximise your results and the impact of your actions, make use of these 10 e-marketing trends to know for 2023. With these, your e-marketing strategy will be a sure-fire hit!

1. Inclusive marketing

Underrepresented and/or marginalised groups have had enough of being ignored by brands. Make sure to make your branding all-inclusive in order to give people a more welcoming space. We are talking in particular about:

👉 People with disabilities
👉 People who don’t meet conventional beauty standards
👉 LGBTQIA+ people
👉 And ethnic minorities

Provide alt text for your images and make the scripts for your audio and video content available to make it accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

2. Conversational marketing

There was once a time when the selling process and customer support were formal processes. Today, customers want to be called by their first names, discuss things by instant messaging or on social networks, and receive personalised responses, etc. They don’t want to speak to a parrot repeating its script to every customer it has on the phone!

There is therefore an increasing need for personalisation. Here are some tips to put into practice in 2023:

  • Speak to your customers as if they’re your equals, or indeed your friends
  • If something is not possible, explain why to them
  • Put yourself in their place
  • Make good use of modern communications channels such as instant messaging
  • Be less formal whilst at the same time remaining professional


3. Employee ambassadors

Who better to promote your brand than your employees? Consumers will have more confidence in your brand if your own staff share positive messages about it.

Making your employees ambassadors is one of the most important e-marketing trends to know for 2023.

With this strategy, you can offer your employees the possibility of doing much more than just sharing content! You can ask them to identify with your values and get involved in the corporate culture, the brand image, the ideas, the process of innovating and the messages conveyed by your company.

4. Featured snippets

SEO will continue to be just as powerful and useful in 2023. With the growth of mobile and voice searching, however, people are changing the way they use search engines (or SERPs).

Being number one on Google is still important, but it will no longer be the only objective you should be targeting in 2023. “Featured snippets” are snippets or answers displayed at the top of the search results page. This means that web users no longer need to click on a website to find out its content.

You therefore need to target position zero on Google: the position that appears at the top of the page in the form of a snippet. Adopting the following good practices can help you achieve this:

  • Write articles in the form of bullet pointed lists
  • Add FAQs at the bottom of your blog articles
  • Don’t be afraid to use tables, visuals and computer graphics
  • Focus primarily on publishing long content (ideally longer than 1,100 words).

To ensure your blog is as popular as possible, avoid these nine SEO errors at all costs.

5. Automising content via AI

Content creation has always been (and always will be) a major preoccupation for businesses and web editors. Online texts need to be highly impactful, 100% unique and SEO oriented.

Artificial intelligence systems equipped with content creation algorithms have been created on the basis of these requirements.

Here are some examples:

  • Quill
  • Wordsmith
  • Articoolo
  • Word AI
  • Articleforge

6. Video format

According to research by Cisco, video accounts for 82% of all traffic online.

Videos are 53 times more likely to generate first-page rankings on SERPs than other SEO strategies, and with good reason: video allows you to both learn things with the help of visuals and be entertained at the same time.

Conclusion: it goes without saying that the e-marketing trends to know for 2023 include video. Don’t be afraid to present your products in video format, to stream videos live (we will come back to this) and to arrange instructional webinars with your customers.

7. Retaining customers and generating customer loyalty

In 2023, It’s now more important than ever to focus on retaining customers and generating loyalty amongst them. You can do this by creating a successful loyalty scheme, personalising your relationship with your customers and launching a strategic email campaign.

Because they talk about your company with their friends and family, loyal customers improve your brand reputation. This word of mouth effect is highly cost-effective. Just like happy employees, satisfied customers make excellent ambassadors and influencers.

8. Live video

We have no doubt the terms “live streaming” and “streamers” will be familiar to you. You see and hear them everywhere… And with good reason: they relate to one of the most prominent e-marketing trends for 2023 and beyond! Videos filmed live bring you closer to your customers, it shows that you feel it’s important to share information in a way that gives them the privilege of a special advanced preview. Social networks make it easy to share these videos live.

9. Hyperlocal marketing

According to Google, searches containing the term “near me” together with some form of “can I buy” or “to buy” have increased by 500% in two years. Web users use these kinds of searches when looking to buy a product or make use of a service close to where they are located. This might, for example, be a space for coworking, a Japanese restaurant or a park for walking their dog.

These users have immediate needs, and hyperlocal marketing is the ideal e-marketing strategy for responding to those needs.

10. Socially responsible marketing

In 2023 and beyond, consumers will be looking for brands that live up to their responsibilities and are committed to working towards a better world. This is where socially responsible marketing comes in.

Socially responsible marketers build their marketing strategies around sustainable development and respect for human relations. Their objective is to create a viable alternative for future generations.

For example, in a blog article titled “How to calculate fuel expenses”, it would be a good idea to highlight and promote greener forms of transport as a way of awakening the user’s eco-conscience.

E-marketing trends to know: it’s over to you now!

You have all the tools you need to get things moving and adapt yourself to the new demands of the web. It’s high time to begin planning your marketing strategy for 2023!

Adapt yourself to these new e-marketing trends and don’t forget to meet the specific needs and requirements of your target audience. This list is not exhaustive nor intended to be followed to the letter.

You are the best placed to decide which of the levers will be the most effective to use for your own growth and development. And if you’re hesitant about taking the step of translating your website, doubt no more! Here are eight good reasons to translate your e-commerce website.

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