E-commerce sites: how to attract Christmas traffic?


How to attract traffic to your e-commerce site before Christmas

According to a study carried out in 2022 by Idéalo, the price comparison website, October is the best month to begin buying Christmas presents. And with good reason: prices are much better for consumers. A building set that costs €104 in October could cost €114 before Christmas.

For online store managers, there is not a minute to lose. Here’s how to attract traffic to your e-commerce site before Christmas!

6 tips to attract traffic to your e-commerce site at Christmas 🎄

1. Be the first to launch your Christmas campaign

Do you see your neighbours putting up a Father Christmas in their window in early November? Well, on the internet, that person needs to be you! Being one step ahead of your competitors will allow you to make your special Christmas offers visible before theirs.

For your Christmas offers to be referenced by search engines (or SERPS), you need to wait several days or even weeks.

We therefore advise you to write and translate your product sheets today to boost traffic to your e-commerce site well before the 25th of December arrives.

2. Create a landing page in Christmas colours

Creating a landing page dedicated to Christmas is an excellent way of attracting qualified traffic to your e-commerce site.

On this page, you can present all your Christmas content:

  • items or articles designed especially for Christmas (e.g.: Christmas-tree shaped candles, Christmas decorations, soft throws in Christmas colours, etc.)
  • links to special Christmas offers
  • gifts or offers available in December, etc.

By creating a single page and updating it (instead of creating a new one each year), you will increase the value of this page over time. This means that this special Christmas landing page will attract more prospects each year. The search engines will see that you are updating it regularly and will value your SEO efforts.

Many companies make the mistake of deleting their Christmas content in January. Don’t do it! ❌ Leave it online and update it as early as possible the next year. This SEO strategy will pay off every Christmas!

Our tip: add a “Christmas” or “Christmas offers” tab at the top of your website to facilitate access to the page.

3. Play Father Christmas

Your loyal customers deserve something special at Christmas, right?

You can try various strategies to encourage them to buy their Christmas presents on your e-commerce site.

You can run a competition on social media (with a prize on offer), offer a special Christmas reduction (for example: “HOHOHO10”) or implement an e-coupon strategy.

What’s an e-coupon strategy?

An e-coupon strategy is a powerful acquisition tool for generating traffic and increasing sales in your online shop. It can be used for a given period (e.g.: e-coupon valid for 10 days from the time you subscribe to the newsletter, for 1 month before Christmas, during the first 2 weeks of spring, etc.) or at any time throughout the year.

Distributing promotional codes, discount vouchers or coupon codes online will help you attract new customers and increase their average shopping basket. For example, your discount voucher could be valid for purchases of €30 or more. If someone wants to buy a jumper for €25, they will be forced to add an accessory to their basket to be able to use the discount voucher.

How to set up an e-coupon strategy

It’s simple to set up an e-coupon strategy.

All you need is:

  1. to define the e-coupon campaign goals
  2. to create attractive offer coupons
  3. to choose relevant distribution channels (by email, on your social media accounts, your website or other specialist sites)
  4. to determine the action users must take to redeem their e-coupon (for example: give you their email address, add €20 of items into their basket, follow your account on Instagram, etc.)
  5. to decide on the date until which the coupon can be used (for example: 24th December in the evening, in x days from receiving the coupon, etc.)
  6. to plan to send notifications to people who have downloaded an e-coupon to remind them of the coupon’s expiry date

4. Redesign the home page on your e-commerce site in Christmas colours

Why not temporarily change your e-commerce site’s template to decorate it in Christmas colours?

Red, white, green, elves, presents, Christmas tree, Father Christmas costume, snow, stars, reindeer, candy canes: anything goes for this wonderful end-of-year celebration.

You can also change the header photos on social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) to show your clients that you know how to pull out all the stops at Christmas.

And to ensure that your efforts don’t go unnoticed, we advise you to create a series of Christmas-themed LinkedIn or Facebook posts. They will help you market your Christmas products and offers to your followers.

5. Create and promote a wonderful tool: the gift card

A gift card is the best option for those who are busy or uninspired this Christmas. Many people use a cheque or gift card when they don’t know what to give their loved ones.

It’s also practical when you don’t know what a person likes (e.g.: your brother- or sister-in-law).

As an e-commerce site manager, you need to make sure you offer your customers the gift card option. The ideal is to offer customisation (amount, appearance, message) so that the gift card will be as personal as possible.

As with all your seasonal products and offers, your gift cards should be easy to find on your online store. Because if you succeed in attracting traffic to your e-commerce site before Christmas but the customer cannot find what they are looking for, your sales aren’t likely to take off.

6. Use keywords that relate to the magic of Christmas

It won’t be long before users are searching for Christmas-related keywords (e.g. “Christmas present for Grandad” or “Christmas jumper with reindeer”).

To ensure you climb up in the search engine rankings during the festive period, the vocabulary used in your content and on your website needs to be adapted to these search goals.

You can use Christmas-themed keywords to optimise your e-commerce site’s ranking in the search results.

Attracting traffic to your site for Christmas: a summary

At TextMaster, we are committed to helping you to improve the performance of your e-commerce site. This article on the actions to be taken to attract traffic to your e-commerce site before Christmas has been written with this in mind.

As a reminder, here are the 6 tips to implement today:

  • launch your Christmas campaign before your competitors
  • create a landing page in Christmas colours
  • create a Christmas competition on social media, a special Christmas offer or an e-coupon strategy
  • change the appearance of the home page of your online store
  • create a customisable gift card
  • use keywords relating to Christmas

Do you have a physical store? To boost your Christmas sales, why not implement Click & Collect?

To translate your Christmas content, put your trust in TextMaster’s professional translators and find out more about our e-commerce integrations

Happy selling!

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