I is for Internationalisation! With the arrival of free trade and globalisation, many more businesses are going international. Expanding your activities beyond your borders is a good way to grow. By entering one or more new international markets, you can gain new clients, increase your turnover and establish your legitimacy in the sector.

However, going international is hard work. With so many things to think about, do and set up, it can soon become overwhelming! This is why we’ve written you a (nearly) exhaustive list of terms linked to business internationalisation with definitions, real experiences and key figures to put you in a strong position!

Discover our new “Internationalisation from A to Z” ebook!

F for familiarity with the vocabulary of internationalisation

You’ll have understood that our new ebook is an A to Z guide designed to help you familiarise yourself with terms linked to international business development.

Think you know it all already? Think you’ve thought of everything? What would you say if we asked you to explain the exact meaning of PIM or transcreation? ? What funding option or distribution channel should you choose for each target market? Not sure? Don’t worry: our ebook has all the answers!

At each stage of the internationalisation process, you’ll face specific challenges. Our ebook is there to help you understand and overcome them!

From Acquisition techniques to Zoning, we’ve compiled 52 key terms you need to have at your fingertips if you’re to go international successfully, alongside key figures and quotes to improve your knowledge.

Whether you’re planning to go international or already operating in various global regions, our A to Z guide will give you lots of useful information!

If you would like learn more about all the aspects of going international, download our free ebook!


Internationalisation from A to Z

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