7 Elements you need to optimise your e-commerce website management


All e-commerce sites try to attract as many visitors as possible and convert them into buyers. To achieve good results, a website’s interface needs to be user-friendly and responsive – prospects will only buy from your site if their user experience is positive. Here are the seven elements you need for a successful e-commerce website that will give you repeat clients

A comprehensive search engine

A system with a search bar will help clients. To give visitors a good experience, invest in a search engine that can cope with incorrect spelling. Consumers want to find what they’re looking for quickly so keeping things simple will encourage a positive buying experience. Remember: 81% of visitors say they won’t return if they don’t find what they want on their first visit!

A good payment method integration

Almost two thirds of buyers abandon their basket before they reach the payment page. The main reasons for this are having to wait too long, or the site crashing before they can pay. It’s vitally important that the payment system is robust at this critical stage in the buying journey. A good practice to encourage completion is to send the client a reminder if they have something in their basket but leave the site before placing an order.

An automated order follow-up system

Follow-up after a client order is as important as the sales stage. The client may cancel their order if they feel their doubts and questions haven’t been dealt with properly. Consumers want their questions answered quickly. You can provide a response via a chatbot or send them to your FAQ page. Because the same questions tend to come up time and time again, you might want to set up an automated order follow-up system. Then you can focus your efforts on buyers with more unusual needs. Transparency is key to success and so is your online selling site’s credibility. Don’t leave room for doubts to creep in – a client who has to think too much about their order won’t come back.

A high-level security certification

By protecting your sensitive client data, you will create a relationship of trust. This is essential for many clients who won’t place an order if they have any doubts about your e-commerce website’s security. To make sure your site is reliable and trustworthy for online purchases and transactions, use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification to protect data circulating between the user and site. This security guarantee has been introduced by financial authorities to protect users against malicious attacks.

An infrastructure that can cope with client flow

Client flow means item returns. And it’s an issue for lots of e-commerce sites that spend endless hours managing the process. You need to provide a simple, safe and efficient way for your clients to return items to you.

A data analysis process to improve your service

Use client data to pinpoint your buyer personas and offer increasingly targeted products. This feedback should be ongoing so you can compare it with previous results and improve your e-commerce website’s performance. It will enable you to remove sticking points along the buying journey to optimise the browsing experience by correcting any issues.

A fully responsive site

Mobile commerce sales are increasing all the time and now account for more than 1,000 billion dollars of revenue. 41% of buyers browse on their phones and 16% do so on tablets, according to Médiamétrie (internet use study Q4 2020). So, your e-commerce website has to be usable on a phone or tablet. Every page should automatically adjust to a user’s screen format and resolution and external links must be easily accessible with ordering possible via any device.



To summarise, if you want your e-commerce website to be successful, it has to be user-friendly, fast and secure, and users must be happy enough with their experience to give you repeat business. These must-have features will noticeably improve your user’s experience for optimum e-commerce website management.

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