In the next five years, cross-border ecommerce is expected to reach $424 billion, according to Forrester. With 42% of shoppers only buying from websites in their native language, retailers need to localize their business in order take advantage of the cross-border opportunity.
This means adapting your product information and marketing to new audiences. When your catalog has thousands of products and changes every season, it can seem impossible to localize everything!
That’s why we’ve partnered with Akeneo, the open source PIM system, to make a practical guide on how to manage your product data on a global scale.
Through concrete examples and industry best-practices, you’ll learn how to organize and scale your product information in order to reach global audiences.


What you’ll find inside:

  • Key steps to identifying promising markets and localizing your product offering
  • Process for adapting your marketing and business to new markets
  • Country guides for promising cross-border markets
  • Technology overview for managing data and translation workflows



Learn how to internationalize your product information thanks to our guide

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