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It’s a term that has been bandied about quite a lot in recent years, but few of us can actually define it or describe its benefits: User Experience, or UX. Yet virtually every company ‒ sometimes without even knowing it ‒ optimises it or neglects it. To better explain exactly what User Experience is, what is at stake and why you should constantly strive to optimise it as part of an international content strategy, UX-Republic and TextMaster have pooled their knowledge to publish this e-book looking at UX and content on an international scale!

Discover our new ebook “UX & content on an international scale”

The key to a successful international user experience

As explained by Don Norman, author of “The Design of Everyday Things”, professor, and an important player in the field of UX, “User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products.”

Nowadays the User Experience is essential to the success of not only products or digital services, but also content at an international scale.

Putting yourself in the user’s shoes, trying to understand their social and cultural context, and taking their feedback into account can all help increase and optimise the chance of a project succeeding internationally.

Forgetting about the user can prove to be a costly disadvantage, particularly for highly digital businesses such as e-vendors: 68% of web users have left a website due to a bad User Experience.

UX Writing: a new trend to watch

UX Writing is one of the hottest new trends in the field of User Experience. This is an editorial design focusing on the user and search engines, addressing both the need for user personalisation as well as the need to be indexed by search engines.

Between content marketing, SEO, and UX design,  content writing  has become a new field in which to improve the User Experience.

These days, optimising the User Experience on the international scale therefore entails the scripting its content within the user path!

To learn more about UX & Content on an International Scale, download our new eBook!

UX & Content on an International Scale

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