Introducing our Newest Partner: Localize


At TextMaster, we love working with other innovative startups. Our recent round of funding got the attention of Localize, a website translation platform that lets you create a multilingual site without getting down and dirty with code.

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with Localize to make website and app translation even easier. You can now send your web content, product catalogs and apps to our TextMaster translators through the Localize platform.

Localize is already integrated with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr, and Zendesk, so you can translate everything from your website to your customer support emails.


How does it work?

To get started, just add a little snippet of code to your site. Localize will fetch all the text for you and let you send it off to our professional translators. You can even view what the translation will look like directly on your website.


Here’s a quick look at what you can expect on Localize:

localize textmaster translation

textmaster-localize translation website

localize textmaster app translation

localize textmaster translation service

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