Created in 1995, the company Orchestra is a leader in children’s fashion and maternity products in France and in 48 countries. With more than 3 million customers and 600 stores, in 2017 the Orchestra chain achieved a turnover of 520 million euros, 20% of which originated internationally.

Orchestra: Growth Through Acquisition of Competitors

The Orchestra group, based in Saint-Aunès (near to Montpellier), has enjoyed significant growth since its creation, especially through the purchase of its competitors in foreign markets:

  • In 2002, Orchestra bought the Swiss company, Baby Care
  • In 2012, Orchestra strengthened its childcare range by acquiring the Belgian company Prémaman, which became the group brand in this sector.
  • In 2013, it was the turn of Baby 2000, another Belgian specialist in baby products and childcare to be brought under Orchestra’s management.
  • Finally, in 2014, the Group, now called Orchestra-Prémaman, acquired Home Market, a Belgian competitor, previously owned by Saint-Maclou.

These different acquisitions allowed the Orchestra-Prémaman Group to establish itself as the true leader in the world of children’s fashion and childcare products in Europe.

The Project: to Find the Ideal Partner to Localise Orchestra’s E-Commerce Site

Orchestra historically localised its e-commerce site for different markets using an automated translation solution, without any human intervention. This method had its advantages (speed, low cost), but also its pitfalls: lack of expertise and sector specialist terminology, imprecise or incorrect translations, etc.

The Group therefore wanted to accelerate the deployment of its e-commerce site internationally with a new partner who could combine technology and human expertise.

Orchestra was looking in particular for a solution that would allow it:

  • to access a network of professional translators who specialised in children’s fashion and childcare products, capable of quickly adapting to the brand’s editorial style
  • to integrate the translation process into their PIM (Product Information Management) software
  • to optimise the translation budget by reusing translations that have already been done

We wanted to go from a completely automated translation solution, based on using lexical fields, to a model that was more human and responsive.

Lydia Guillemot, Orchestra’s Web Marketing Manager

The TextMaster API: The Guarantee of a Seamless Translation Workflow for Orchestra

Orchestra’s choice therefore fell on TextMaster to industrialise the localisation of their product catalogue. It was in particular the API integration that allowed Orchestra to completely automate its translation workflows obtaining concrete and immediate benefits:

– 700,000 words invoiced out of 1 million words translated thanks to Memento™, TextMaster’s proprietary translation memory.

– 1 full time employee liberated

30% savings on the overall projects.

To find out more behind-the-scenes information about this success and read more feedback on Orchestra-Prémaman Group’s experience, download our case study!
Discover how Orchestra integrated TextMaster’s API in order to automate the management of its translations and to improve the quality of its content.

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