Established more than 125 years ago, Petit Bateau is a French children’s clothing brand. With 4,700 points of sale in more than 80 countries, the brand achieves almost 50% of its turnover from international markets, primarily in Western Europe and Asia. This iconic French brand therefore faces various challenges, in particular in creating and updating its multilingual content.

Discover how Petit Bateau centralised its translation management with TextMaster

The challenge for Petit Bateau: to select a single translation partner

Originally, Petit Bateau’s translations were managed independently by different subsidiaries of the brand, worldwide. This was complex and time-consuming, which of course impacted on timelines and translation quality. The goal was therefore to find an appropriate solution for a large group, with well-thought out features.

Petit Bateau had very specific needs: first of all available translators who were specialists in the field of fashion, in order to ensure the quality of the translated texts and also to preserve the brand identity internationally. Then, a solution that would allow the sharing of resources between subsidiaries and departments, which used cutting-edge technology to optimise delivery times and translation costs; in an area that is as competitive as the fashion industry, Petit Bateau has to be able to offer its new products for sale quickly across all markets.

TextMaster: the ideal 360° solution for Petit Bateau

The Petit Bateau group chose TextMaster with its innovative functionality to centralise and optimise translation management. Thanks to multi-account functionality, the different divisions and subsidiaries in the group are now able to share their project translation memory glossaries and also their favourite translators. Budget management is centralised and expenses can be monitored in real time in the main account. The extra validation offered by TextMaster has also proven to be very useful for Petit Bateau, in order to check the quality of the translations in each market.

« The TextMaster platform and its ease of use are a big plus. We benefit from workflows which are adapted to our requirements, such as sharing favourite translators or the local approval system. »
– Agathe Orsini, Digital Marketing Manager @Petit Bateau

The collaboration between Petit Bateau and TextMaster has clearly paid off: to date, the brand has been able to reduce its translation costs by around 30% and has considerably simplified its translation management. The next step will be to add TextMaster integration to automate the workflows and make even more gains in efficiency.

To find out more about how TextMaster implemented the solution for Petit Bateau, download our complete case study.

How Petit Bateau centralised its translation management with TextMaster

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