☀️🍹 TextMaster’s marketing team is lucky enough to take a little break this summer. We’re looking forward to getting back to you in September, fresh and with lots of new projects in mind!

But before leaving, we have a little gift for you, because we all know there’s no real summer without a quiz. That’s why we prepared a little quiz on international trivia and languages! A good opportunity for you to test your general knowledge while having fun.

7 questions on facts & figures for a little overviewbooks, songs, websites, ancient languages… the subjects are diverse, and the answers may surprise you! Did you imagine that Papua-New-Guinea holds the world record for the number of official languages? And do you have any idea how many there are?

See you in September with new articles on international development. In the meantime, we wish you a very happy month of August, and a happy holiday if you’re lucky enough to take one.


Summer quiz TextMaster


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