TextMaster & Phrase: Making localization easier


TextMaster & Phrase: making localization easier

We’ve had many requests from our customers to integrate their favorite tools like WordPress, Drupal or Magento within the past years. Our team has been working hard at integrating these tools into our services and today, we’re happy to tell you about our premium integration of the popular localization platform Phrase.

What is Phrase and how does it work?

Phrase is an intuitive translation management platform that brings translators, developers and project managers together to manage localization projects for websites and apps. No more wasting time trying to manually notify everyone about new translations; it’s all done automatically.
This premium integration of Phrase within our platform means that you can access your files and customize translation services directly through your TextMaster account which is already synchronized with Phrase. You just need to choose the content and the translation options that suit you best and the TextMaster network of freelancers will provide quality translations of your website or app into more than 50 languages.

Why use the TextMaster connector for Phrase to localize?

Market leader in Europe

As a European leader in digital translation, we work with a network of 12,000 vetted translators specialized in more than 50 languages and areas of expertise. Translators are accredited regularly and the quality of translations delivered in real time is monitored by our project managers.

Expert translation service for software solutions

The integration of Phrase into the TextMaster platform will allow you to:

  • Localize your website, mobile app or software into more than 50 languages: we offer our translation services in over 300 language combinations
  • Monitor the progress of your projects in real time
  • Have a dedicated team of expert translators for your localization project
  • Save time and improve your productivity
  • Make up to 50% savings on your translation budget
  • Fasten your time-to-market

TextMaster offers a wide range of translation services from fashion to luxury, tourism and many more. You can also select the needed area of expertise as well as the service level and customize your order with extra proofreading or urgent processing. Our project management team will take care of your translation at every stage.

Localization in a few clicks

Automated and effortless

Exactly. This new integration of Phrase in our platform will allow you to manage the entire localization process through one system. Make your localization projects easy by avoiding manual coordination with project managers, translators and developers.

The process of localization is simpler than ever. Choose your files that are already synchronized with Phrase or drop new ones in your TextMaster account, (don’t worry, we handle multiple file formats), choose the expertise level of translation and you’ll receive it back within a few hours or days depending on the volume. It is possible to keep these translation settings in your TextMaster account for future localization projects.

And that’s it!

Freelance translators around the world

Our expert translators come from all continents and this allows us to offer you quick and quality native translations.

SEO content strategy

We’re also specialized in optimizing the natural indexing language for search engines. Your translated content will be of high quality to respond to market needs.

Innovative technology at your service

Different leading-edge technologies have been developed in TextMaster over the years. We are proud to be the owners of different translation technologies which ensure the quality and consistency of our content and translation services:

  • MEMENTO™, the translation memory
  • POST-EDITOR™, Post-Edited Machine Translation made easy
  • LEXIO™, the interactive glossary

TextMaster’s simple and powerful translation API

Using our robust API, Phrase is able to seamlessly integrate our premium translation services. If you’re interested in seeing what our API can do for you, feel free to contact us!


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