This past year, we’ve had many requests from our customers to integrate with their favorite website and mobile app creation tools like WordPress and PrestaShop. Our team has been working hard at integrating our services into these tools and today, we’re happy to tell you about our latest partnership with the popular localization platform Phrase.

Phrase is an intuitive translation management platform that brings translators, developers and project managers together to manage localization projects for websites and apps. No more wasting time trying to manually notify everyone about new translations; it’s all done automatically.

Our integration with Phrase means that you can access our translation services directly through their platform. TextMaster’s network of freelancers can translate your website or app into more than 50 languages.

TextMaster’s simple and powerful translation API

Using our robust API, Phrase was able to seamlessly integrate our translation services into its platform. If you’re interested in seeing what our API can do for you, feel free to contact us!

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