Here it is, 2018 has begun! Before discovering new blogposts on international development, cross-border e-commerce and translation, check out our top 10 most popular articles on the blog in 2017. These 10 articles have aroused your curiosity and critical thinking, and are worth (re)discovering!


1. International Success of Startups Worldwide

Although entrepreneurs are still reluctant or doubtful about international expansions, start-ups are increasingly present outside their borders. Here is a brief recap of the situation!

2. 5 Things to Know if you Want to Enter the Spanish Market

Key market figures, top sectors to consider, distribution strategies, state of online sales and cultural peculiarities: Spain, like any market, has its own specificities. Don’t miss out on these 5 essential information to make a success of your business in Spain!

3. Payment Management on an International E-commerce Site

There are both lots of similarities as well as numerous differences between the European e-commerce markets. But European online retailers all face the same challenge of managing the different currencies and preferred payment methods on their internationale e-commerce site.

4. 5 Tips for Successfully Expanding Your Business into Germany

Germany is a major partner for many European countries (France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in particular), and is the economic lung of Europe. And, of course, this great country has many specificities… especially the 5 ones you can discover in this article.

5. Pop Culture and International Growth: how Konbini is Charming Millennials all over the World

Konbini is THE new generation media: French company born in 2008, Konbini has rethought journalism with its offbeat tone and 100% digital approach. The site is now present in more than 30 countries and reaches 60 million unique visitors a year. Discover the backstage behind this success!

6. Does Automatic Translation Mean the End for Human Translators?

Machine translation does have considerable advantages: low cost, speed… but unfortunately, despite some progress, machine translation still has its limits. But it’s far from being useless, and can even be of precious help for human translators!

7. 3 Tips for a Successful International SEO Strategy

To increase your traffic without spending millions and to sustainably increase your notoriety and your international sales, SEO is a powerful lever. Discover our advice for building a successful international SEO strategy!

8. A Closer Look at how Dayuse, a Pioneer in Daytime Hot`el Room Booking, is Set to Conquer the American Market

Another French startup making miracles outside its country! is the world’s number 1 daytime hotel booking agent. And it’s already making more than 60% of its revenue internationally. David Lebée, CEO & Founder, told us about their strategy to conquer the USA!

9. From Multi-channel to Omni-channel: Where do We Stand in Europe?

We’ve been talking about it for several months, even years… The omni-channel approach is the logical step that follows the multichannel and cross-channel strategies. And 2017 has certainly proved that this strategy, which puts the experience back at the heart of the customer journey, pays off for brands!

10. Localising Your Content: What to Remember

SEO, content translation, URLs, currencies… From cultural details to technical settings of your site, you’ll need to think of everything if you want to properly localise your content. Here’s a recap of the essential elements!


Tips and tricks, testimonials and success stories, checklists… those are the 10 blogposts you liked the most on our blog in 2017!

We’re hoping to see more and more of you in 2018.

Have a very happy new year!

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