You might be thinking, “Why does my company need a professional translation service? Do we not have google translate for a reason?” Well, having a professional translation company has many perks, and even at their most basic they definitely are more trustworthy than google translate or a years old translation dictionary.

First of all, being connected to a professional translation service will make your company more professional. Secondly, in a global, international, and likely large company, your clientele will be different all over the world in different markets. In your business, your priority should be your customers and pleasing them. Although it might seem like an extra expense, it is one worth going for, and here is why:

Using a Professional Company will Likely include Localised Translations

You might be thinking, why would I need specified translations based on location within a country or language? Well, most languages change, adjust, and meld to the area they are being spoken in. One major example is different dialects of one language based on areas where they are spoken in, and another is colloquialisation of a language. For example, French Canada speaks a different type of French than traditional spoken Parisians do. Although parts of the language might be universal, it is certainly not ‘one size fits all’; and professional translations are paid and trained to know the difference and use this knowledge to translate properly.

Professional Translation can be used as a Marketing Tool

Professional translation has already ticked boxes when it comes to professionalism, localisation, and efficacy; but it strangely can double as a marketing tool too. Translation companies will have knowledge specific to the area which you are looking to market in; and even if they do not, their translation skills and eventual understanding of the culture and area can help you out with marketing and business as a whole in the long run.

Global Confidence will Grow in your Business as a whole

Being able to translate content into not only the regional tongue, but also with localised aspects and techniques (which as previously mentioned, a professional translation company can provide you with); will immediately increase confidence in your brand as a whole. A professional translation service will increase the confidence of your international clients in your business, your operations, and your products or services; but most importantly in your commitment to them as a customer. People will feel catered for, and that you care about them as a customer, if translations are accurate and tailored. This is exactly what a professional translating company provides.

They are Cost-Efficient and Consistent in their Results

I would personally say that the most important ingredient in the recipe for retaining custom across the globe is consistency. Consistency is insanely important, especially when your business is stretched over different nations, cultures, and people groups. Sometimes, big businesses can become inconsistent with the services or products they provide. For example, if translation is messy and incoherent one time, but fine the next time, but a bit all over the place the time after that…the customer is likely to lose an element of trust in the company as a whole. Lack of consistency causes consumers to lose faith in a company, and the employment of a professional translation company can take the pressure of that off of one area at least!

They Cover it All!

Translation and localisation practices are a hell of a lot more than copy and pasting something into a translation website. Proper and effective translation needs to encompass all potential hazards and trip-ups, look for things that have changed in a culture or dialect, and ensure that translation is correct over many different platforms. The pressure of this can get overwhelming when done in-house and take attention off of the integral actions in a business that you should be focusing on. Professional translation companies cover all of this, and take some of this pressure away.


The difference between scratching around to try and translate in house and hiring out through a professional translation company makes the world of difference. Sometimes quality is worth paying for, and in the case, I definitely believe that it is so.


About the Author:

Michael Dehoyos is an online professional translator and blog editor for and Dissertation Writing Services. He enjoys reading and writing, as well as advising others on their personal work. He is also a writer for Research Paper Help. 


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