8 good reasons to translate your e-commerce site


Creating content is very demanding work. You need to define a strategy, deploy it and measure the effectiveness of your actions. Furthermore, you need to make sure the blog articles you write are read and shared more than your competitors. To achieve this, there is an irrefutable technique: translate your articles and product sheets into several languages. Wait no longer, read our 8 good reasons to translate your e-commerce site.


1. Increasing site traffic

In order for your business site to impact consumers overseas, your content needs to be available in their mother tongue.

According to a study, 7 out of 10 people prefer to buy products and services on sites translated into their mother tongue, even if they speak good English. And 52.7% of internet users prefer to use websites in their native language. This is why it is essential to translate your e-commerce site. This will allow your prospective clients to feel confident from the moment they receive the information until they make a purchase.


2. Staying ahead of the competition

Translating an e-commerce site is about more than generating clicks.

It’s a way of building your reputation, getting ahead of your competitors and becoming a market leader. In addition, it’s obvious that the more languages your site is in, the more competitive you will be.


3. Optimising SEO

Even if you don’t currently want to expand internationally, translating your e-commerce site will open doors for you.

On the one hand, you will strengthen your SEO in the long term without spending a fortune in advertising. On the other hand, you will gain visibility with both international search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and with local country-specific targeted search engines.


4. Gaining internet users’ trust

Managing a website with multilingual content will show internet users that you want to reach a wide audience. Thus, your multilingual site will be more confidence-inspiring than a monolingual one. After all, your website reflects your professionalism, and internet users like to trust a brand before making an online purchase.

Want to translate your e-commerce website? Find out about the features of web translation!


5. Avoiding legal problems

As you know, companies wanting to carry out international transactions must comply with the regulations of the countries in which they wish to sell their products/services. Consequently, you should translate your:

  • Administrative documents,
  • User instruction manuals,
  • Terms and conditions of sale,
  • Product sheets,
  • Estimates/invoices, etc.

Along withyour website, you also need to translate all the text that is likely to be read by your overseas clients. This is why we advise you to choose a trusted provider. In doing so, you will always be dealing with the same person and will be able to consult them if necessary.


6. Improving the user experience

Improving your website’s UX experience is one of the best reasons to translate your e-commerce site. Thanks to a quality translation in Russian, Chinese or Dutch for example, internet users visiting your e-commerce site will feel more at home.

And improving the UX experience will naturally increase your conversion rate.

Did you know? The official Jehovah’s Witnesses’ site is the most translated website in the world. It is available in 1,025 different languages.


7. Boosting sales

All the good reasons for translating your e-commerce site that we have cited above will result in an increase in your sales. Not only because your traffic will increase, but also because your site will become more and more familiar in other countries. In short, translating your e-commerce site will help put you in a virtuous cycle, as long as your translator knows how to find the keywords that are relevant to the country in question.


8. International success

As a rule, e-commerce is enjoying much success. This is supported by the fact that 57% of online consumers regularly shopped on foreign sites in 2021. So, if you want to try the adventure of online sales and reach different markets, you know what you have to do!


Who can I trust with my e-commerce website translation project?

Now that you know all the good reasons for translating your e-commerce website, it is time to act.

At TextMaster, our translation team specialises in translating multilingual e-commerce sites. Whatever your business, our expert translators will find the right words (and the right keywords). We advise you to begin with a translation into English (if the text isn’t in English already) and then to go onto other languages. Because remember: the more languages your site has, the more your sales will increase.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your translation project, your target languages, your deadlines and your budget.

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