Today’s customers demand comfort and personalisation while shopping online. Almost half of Internet users will not visit websites that are not in their native language, which makes online store translation an essential component of reaching international customers.

TextMaster is one of the leading providers of ecommerce translation for small and large online retailers. We have developed a variety of tools that allow site owners to translate one product description or an entire product catalogue in over 30 languages. We have developed a variety of tools that allow site owners to translate one product description or an entire product catalog in over 50 languages.

Ecommerce Translation with TextMaster

When your ecommerce catalog has hundreds or even thousands of products, translating your online store can be overwhelming. When you add all the html code and SEO keywords that need to integrated into each product description, the whole idea just seems impossible. That’s why we’ve specially-designed our platform to use the latest technologies to make ecommerce translation a simple and manageable process.

A translation platform that’s adapted to ecommerce

Your team has full control of their translation projects on our user-friendly platform. Upload your content, monitor the status of your order, build your team of favorite translators and add extra options whenever necessary. Our service levels and extra options match a range of budgets and projects, ensuring that you get the translation that suits your needs.

A robust translation API

Many of our ecommerce clients want to integrate our translation services directly into their own system, which is why we developed our translation API. Our robust translation API allows you to access all of the features you like on TextMaster directly through your back office. This allows you to automate your workflow, bringing manual processes down to a minimum.

Special integrations for ecommerce

TextMaster is fully integrated in a wide range of ecommerce platforms and services. You can easily translate your product data in Akeneo or Quable PIM, Lengow or through CMS platforms like Magento, WordPress, or PrestaShop. You can send and receive your translations automatically through your system’s back office.

Advanced translation technologies

TextMaster developed its own translation technologies, such as our real-time translation memory and interactive glossary, which significantly optimize the total number of words to translate. Our technology also ensure the consistency of your translations, while integrating your SEO keywords in every languages. We have also integrated leading-edge “deep learning” machine translation that helps to reduce translations costs even more.

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A network of translators specialized in ecommerce

TextMaster combines the power of technology with the knowledge of experienced translators.

A network of translators specialized in more than 50 languages

With more than 200 million words written, our translators have an in-depth understanding of ecommerce translation and all the particularities and challenges that go with it. We have worked with clients in a wide range of sectors, including fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, sportswear, and travel accessories, to list a few.

Quality Guaranteed

Using a strict selection process, we handpick our translators and monitor their work on an ongoing basis to ensure that it matches our high quality standards. As a result, we have consistently achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate. More information on our quality assurance process can be found here.

Flexible Pricing

We have developed a flexible pricing system to meet all types of content needs and budgets. Our à la carte pricing and extra options allow you to choose only the services that you want.

Your own team of translators

One of our most popular features is being able to build your own team of dedicated translators. Working with the same translators means that they have a deeper understanding of your requirements and your preferred writing style.

Our areas of expertise in ecommerce

  • Fashion, clothing, apparel

  • Footwear & leather goods

  • Jewelry & accessories

  • Beauty & cosmetics

  • Luxury goods

  • Furniture & home decor

  • Bath accessories & linens

  • Consumer electronics

  • Health & pharmacy

  • Agriculture

  • Wines & spirits

  • Arts & crafts

  • Sports & fitness

  • Games & toys

  • Automobile accessories

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“Localizing our product descriptions enabled us to double our international sales in less than a year.”

Thomas Rouault

Founder & CEO

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“TextMaster understood our translation-related challenges, and they proposed a custom-made solution with the integration of their API.”

Lydia Guillemot

Webmarketing Manager

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“TextMaster’s innovation has enabled us to make 50% productivity gains without sacrificing quality.”

Julien Hennico

B2B Marketing Manager

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