With 70% of users preferring to browse a website in their native language, website translation has become a necessity for international businesses. The key to a successful global digital strategy is establishing a solid international SEO foundation.

Unlike traditional translation agencies, TextMaster is fully equipped to handle multilingual SEO content, allowing you to grow your international reach and boost your search engine rankings around the world. We have combined the power of sophisticated translation technology with the know-how of a network of experienced translators that know how to effectively translate your SEO content.

A Suite of Advanced SEO Translation Tools

TextMaster has developed a range of website translation tools to manage your multilingual SEO content. In just a few clicks, you can send your SEO web content to our network of translators via the online platform, API or dedicated plugins, who will then research the best keywords to use and integrate them into your translations.

Identification of Multilingual SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are rarely literal translations of their English equivalents. TextMaster helps you select the best keyword by providing a list of synonyms in the target languages, then analyzing which ones are the most popular in the local market.

Automatic Integration of your SEO Keywords

Our interactive glossaries suggest your preselected SEO keywords as your translators works, no matter the number of keywords you have. Your keywords are therefore consistently integrated into different languages as you translate your content.

High Volume SEO Content Translation

Our online translation platform was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind for translating a large amount of content. You can upload it online, through our API, or one of our integrations.

Artificial Intelligence That Reduces Your Translation Costs

Most companies have very high volumes of SEO content, which can be very costly to translate. That’s why TextMaster has developed advanced translation technology that optimizes costs. By combining the time-saving features of our online platform, API and integrations, with our translation memory, interactive glossaries and machine translation tools, we are able to reduce costs by up to 80% compared to traditional agencies.

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Experienced Translators that are Specialized in International SEO

Our success comes from bringing together sophisticated technology with the experience of our network of translators. As a result you we are able to offer the following advantages:

Quality Guaranteed

We carefully select our network of native-speaking and professional translators to ensure that their work meets our rigorous quality standards. Their translations are regularly monitored by our internal team of language managers, who also ensure that projects are completed on time. It’s this attention to quality that has allowed us to maintain a 98% client satisfaction rate year after year.

Dedicated Team of SEO Translators

TextMaster is not a traditional translation agency; we assemble a team of SEO translators that will work on all of your projects. This ensures that you will not have to explain your preferences every time you launch a project.

Flexible & Transparent pricing

No more haggling with a salesperson about prices for each translation project – our clear pricing lets you know exactly how much you will pay for your project, with no hidden fees.

SEO Project Management

Not all businesses have the know-how and the resources to handle large or complex translation projects on their own. Our team of professional project managers are here to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly by managing everything from recruiting specialised SEO translators to monitoring deadlines.

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TextMaster is already working with:

  • Large corporations

  • Small and medium sized businesses

  • Online retailers

  • Online travel/booking websites

  • Blogs

  • Marketing agencies

  • Web/SEO agencies

We offer the following types of SEO translations:

  • Corporate websites

  • Online stores

  • Blogs/online publishers

  • Product comparison websites

  • Information websites

  • SEO landing pages

  • Catalog/product descriptions

  • Recruitment websites

  • Directories

  • Affiliate websites

  • Specialized industry websites

  • Online classifieds

  • Fashion websites

  • Dating websites


As your business grows, you’ll need more content for your website. Our freelance writers can create compelling SEO content on a variety of topics.

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We have a network of proofreaders with SEO knowledge that can ensure that you existing international SEO content is fully localised and error-free.

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