In the modern era, technical translation is hugely important for the millions of companies that produce and sell their products worldwide. Due to the complex and highly specific subject matter involved, technical translation is no easy task. For that reason, we work with specialist translators, who use translation tools to assist them with the more technical aspects and to ensure consistency from one translation to the next.

TextMaster has gone, and continues to go, much farther than traditional translation services, not only building a network of translators specializing in over 10 sub-fields of expertise, but developing its very own cutting-edge translation technologies to drastically reduce your costs and lead-times. We can handle all your technical translation needs in more than 200 language pairs, 24/7.

Technical translation through TextMaster

More often than not, technical translations are both complex and sizeable. Mindful of those two recurring characteristics, TextMaster has chosen to specialize in technical translation, using innovative technologies which, when paired with specialist translators, offer immediate benefits for the client:

We Translate All Formats

TextMaster translates the vast majority of file formats, making ordering and receiving your translations as simple as possible by removing the need for any human intervention in formatting by the client. Find out more

API and PIM Integration

TextMaster is available as an API, allowing you to enjoy a completely automated translation ordering process. Your system is connected to TextMaster and sends and receives translations automatically. We are also integrated in all the main PIMs on the market, making it even easier for you to send product information. Find out more

Your Own Translation Memory and Glossary, Updated in Real Time

TextMaster has developed its own interactive glossary and real-time translation memory technologies. As well as ensuring that your content is completely consistent and that the relevant industry terms are used, our solutions can save you up to 30% more than traditional translation memories. Find out more

Order Your Translations Online

With TextMaster, you can order your translations directly online, 24/7. The rate is calculated instantly based on the information you provide, and your order will be processed immediately. You can follow the progress of your translations in real time and communicate directly with your translator if you so wish. Find out more.

A network of experienced technical translators

TextMaster uses the most skilled technical translators on the market, carefully selected after rigorous testing. We also create translation teams dedicated to particular clients, so that you can build a lasting working relationship with the same translators. Finally, our project managers are on hand to oversee all your projects and ensure that your deadlines and quality requirements are met. Read about our quality commitments.

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TextMaster was selected by Cloudwatt, a subsidiary of Orange and Thalès, to translate 270,000 words of technical documentation on cloud computing from French into English.

We built a team of skilled translators specializing in IT and were able to deliver the translations in under three weeks.

TextMaster is already working with:

  • Electronics manufacturers

  • Industrial manufacturers

  • Parts manufacturers

  • Software firms

  • IT services companies

  • R&D departments

We handle the following types of technical translations:

  • Technical documentation

  • Product Information Management systems

  • User manuals

  • Training manuals

  • Safety manuals

  • Parts lists

  • Tenders

  • Catalogs

  • Research reports

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