Simplifying Translation Management

GlobalTMS is TextMaster’s translation management system (TMS). It allows you to manage all your translation needs in just a few clicks within one single interface. You can control your activities and can independently launch, in real time, all your projects, and assign them to specialist translators. Discover some of the main functionality of GlobalTMS, our translation management system:

Order Your Translations Online

You simply import the content to be translated into GlobalTMS and choose your target languages. TextMaster will take care of the rest including an automatic word count, an immediate estimate, the selection of the best translator, and the supervision of your project by a project manager. Everything is under control to ensure quick delivery of a high-quality translation.

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Track Your Projects in Real Time

GlobalTMS centralises all your projects, tracking them in real time and maintaining a complete history. You will therefore have complete visibility. Access advanced dashboards and personalised reports to better manage your timelines and budgets.

Automate Your Translation Processes

Avoid doing manual tasks, free up your teams and accelerate the delivery of your projects, thanks to GlobalTMS, the translation management (TMS) solution. Benefit from advanced functionality to automate your translation processes as much as possible: project templates, pre-filled briefs, automatic workflows, etc.

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create your team of translators

Build Your Own Translation Teams

Keep using your favourite translators and build a long-lasting relationship with them. They will become conversant with your style, your vocabulary and your brand tone.

You can also communicate directly with your translators via TextMaster’s integrated messaging system in order to give them instructions or answer their questions.

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Access the Best Translation Technologies

Real-time translation memory, interactive glossaries, HTML tag segmentation, complex file processing, and the proofreading of automatic translation. Above all, TextMaster provides a cutting-edge technology solution. Choose and activate the technologies that are most relevant for each one of your projects, directly from GlobalTMS. Watch as your translation costs and delivery costs are dramatically reduced.

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multiaccount translation option

Personalise your Interface and Create Sub-Accounts

Personalise your GlobalTMS interface according to your needs and get a bespoke management software. Create sub-accounts for your colleagues and manage associated rights in just a few clicks.

Centralise Your Terminology

Centralise your translation memories and the glossaries you have previously approved. Take advantage of the translations that have already been done and maintain a consistent brand image. You control your terminology and can edit it whenever you want.

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TextMaster API functionalities

Benefit from all of TextMaster’s functionalities directly from your own system

Access our API and our third-party integrations in order to automate your translation flow. Benefit from all of TextMaster’s functionalities directly from your own system: automatically send and receive content, select options, choose translators, etc.


The benefits of GlobalTMS, TextMaster's translation management system.

2.5 times faster than a traditional agency

50% savings on your translation budget

60% organisational productivity gains

Our Clients Say It Best

“Thanks to TextMaster, we have a flexible and comprehensive solution which greatly simplifies our translation management.”

Agathe Orsoni

Digital Marketing Manager

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“The innovative translation interface developed by TextMaster is a real plus. It is practical and intuitive. Everything about it is positive.”

Caroline Morieux

E-Store and Project Manager

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“TextMaster’s innovation has enabled us to make 50% productivity gains without sacrificing quality.”

Julien Hennico

B2B Marketing Manager

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