The luxury industry is inherently international and brands need to be able to adapt to new markets while maintaining the prestige of your image.

Successfully conveying the brand voice, while localizing the content to local audiences requires the expertise of a specialist.

TextMaster has an in-depth experience working with luxury brands to create engaging and persuasive content for new markets.

We go beyond the services of a traditional translation agency by incorporating advanced technology in our translation offering. Coupled with the expertise of translators in different luxury sectors such as jewelry, leather goods, fine watchmaking, and “haute couture”, this combination significantly streamlines the translation process.

Why Luxury Brands Choose TextMaster

TextMaster provides high quality translation by offering both industry-leading translation technology as well as a network of experienced translators.

A Network of Experienced translators

Our network of experienced translators By combining their extensive experience with a thorough knowledge of your sector, our translators are able to deliver work that meets the highest standards.

A Hand-Picked Team of Translators

TextMaster assembles a team of qualified translators to work on your projects in the long term. This allows them to gain a thorough understanding of your brand and your requirements, thereby ensuring that their translations match your needs perfectly.

A Dedicated Team of Project Managers

TextMaster’s project managers can set up your translation projects and can also take charge of them from start to finish, from uploading the content, assigning the translators, creating a detailed briefing, coordinating the project, etc. With this turnkey solution, you have a dedicated contact person that you can turn to throughout your project.

Quality Guaranteed

TextMaster ensure the quality of the final translations through a systematic review process. Translators undergo a rigorous recruitment process in order to join our network of professionals. Their work is continuously reviewed to make sure that it follows the project guidelines. It is then proofread and evaluated in order to make sure that it meets our quality standards.

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TextMaster's Main Benefits

Order Your Translations Online

Our translation platform makes it easy to order multilingual content online in more than 50 languages 24/7. You can choose from a variety of custom options to suit your project requirements.

Manage Your Glossaries

With TextMaster, you can create your own glossaries that will automatically integrate your preferred vocabulary in the translations. By maintaining a coherent writing style, you can ensure that you have a consistent brand voice in your translations.

Build Your Translation Memory

Memento, TextMaster’s real-time translation memory, suggests previously-translated text so that your translators don’t needlessly translate repetitions of content that has already been approved by you. Making small updates to your content is also easier because Memento is able to identify the changes that need to be translated.

Work in a Team

Your team can work together on the TextMaster platform with our multi-account feature. You can manage billing, monitor project statuses and follow up on approvals through these different accounts.

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