Professional legal translation is a highly specialized field that requires precision and consistency as well as a thorough understanding of the law. You can rely on our network of lawyers and legal translators for accurate, high quality translations in the best timeframes. At TextMaster, we provide professional legal translation of a wide range of documents for legal departments and law firms in more than 300 language pairs.

Our professional cloud-based translation solution allows you to order your legal translation from experienced professionals 24/7 directly online. We guarantee fast turnaround times while maintaining a high level of confidentiality through advanced encryption, data anonymity, and non-disclosure agreements.

The Legal Translation Specialist

Legal translation is a sensitive and complex area of expertise where specialized knowledge and confidentiality go hand in hand. Legal translation projects also often have short timeframes, making this one of the most challenging translation sectors. Many companies have a hard time addressing these challenges when using traditional agencies that can only handle projects on a small scale. That’s why we have developed a division that is specifically dedicated to legal translation. Our Main Advantages:

Expert Legal Translators

We have built our network of professionals by recruiting the best legal translators in a variety of specializations. They are tested and verified by our experienced team using the strictest criteria. Their work is then evaluated on an ongoing basis in order to guarantee the highest quality.

Translation Confidentiality

We have incorporated leading-edge technology into our sophisticated translation platform. It allows us to secure your data through advanced SSL encryption as well as to segment sensitive information in order to hide it from your translator. Our network of legal translators must also adhere to strict confidentiality agreements when they work on TextMaster.

Tight Deadlines

Another advantage of our specialized online platform is the efficiency in which the orders are processed and assigned to translators. They are automatically notified of urgent projects, removing the usual back-and-forth with a traditional translation agency. As a result, turnaround times can be reduced by 30 to 50%.

Long-term Working Relationship

As soon as your company (or your clients) expand to international markets, your legal translation needs will evolve and multiply. In order to simplify the process for recurring translation projects, we will create your client profile on TextMaster, assemble a dedicated team of translators, and build your translation memory and glossary. This ensures the consistency of your translations and enables you to store all of your translation data for future use.

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Already working with:

  • Law firms

  • Legal departments

  • Audit firms

  • Private equity firms

  • Banks

  • Accounting firms

We translate the following legal documents:

  • Contrats

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Terms & conditions

  • Licensing agreements

  • Regulatory documents

  • Patents

  • Court documents and transcripts

  • Testimonies

  • Wills and deeds

  • Investment protocols

  • Arbitration documents

  • Legal tax documents