Do you want to translate your content but you don't know what the costs are likely to be? See how our translation prices are calculated and work out which solution is the most suited to your needs.

What factors impact upon translation pricing?

Translation prices depend on several factors: the complexity or technical nature of the content to be translated, the language combination, volumes and delivery time, content repetitions etc. How and why do these elements impact on translation pricing?

Content complexity

Complex or technical content, for example an employment contract or user guide for an electronic device, will require an expert translator with advanced knowledge.

A translator who has an excellent grasp of the specific terminology required in the industry is essential if you want a quality translation. A translator with this level of expertise will be paid more than a non-specialist translator who works on simple, generalist translations. So translating an employment contract, for example, will cost more than translating e-commerce product descriptions.

The translation pricing depnds on the complexity of the content

Volumes and delivery times

An urgent translation of several thousand words means calling upon translators with immediate availability. The translators must be able to give their full time and attention to the project to ensure timely delivery. This may have an impact on the translation price of the concerned project. Recurring translations may also impact upon the translation pricing: a recurring request may mean the price of translation is lower.

Translation technologies

Translation technologies optimise translation prices for certain types of content. A technology like MEMENTO™, our real-time translation memory, identifies all the repetitions in your content and automatically discounts them from the translation pricing. You are not billed for these repetitions, so the total price of your translations can be drastically reduced.

Language combination

Today, it is possible to translate content into multiple languages. Just because the most popular languages like English, Chinese, Spanish or German are the most requested, it doesn’t mean you won’t need to translate a document into Slovenian or Thai.

You should know that the price of your translation will also depend on the language combination you need, in other terms the source and target languages. A translation with a popular language combination will be less expensive than a translation with a more rare combination as there are likely to be fewer translators available.

The price of a translation is calculated depending on the language

Pricing depending on the language pair

Standard Enterprise
English (UK/US) – French 0,066 $ 0,132 $
English (UK/US) – Spanish 0,066 $ 0,132 $
English (UK/US) – German 0,066 $ 0,154 $
English (UK/US) – Italian 0,066 $ 0,132 $
English (UK/US) – Dutch 0,066 $ 0,154 $
English (UK/US) – Portuguese 0,066 $ 0,132 $
English (UK/US) – Polish 0,066 $ 0,132 $
English (UK/US) – Russian 0,066 $ 0,132 $
English (UK/US) – Swedish 0,176 $
English (UK/US) – Norwegian 0,176 $
English (UK/US) – Danish 0,176 $
English (UK/US) – Chinese 0,132 $
English (UK/US) – Japanese 0,176 $

Got a project?

Take a look at TextMaster's translation pricing


from $0.066 per word

The Standard level is handled by native speakers who are tested and verified by TextMaster. They work on TextMaster to supplement their income from their full-time day job. The Standard level is best for simple translations of short texts that do not have specialised vocabulary, such as:

  • Customer service communications
  • Simple web content
  • Drafts of internal translations
  • Travel descriptions
  • etc.


from $0.132 per word

The Enterprise level is handled by experienced professional translators who have been preselected and tested by TextMaster. This level is suited for professional translation projects that require a translator with full-time availability, such as:

  • High volume content translation
  • Entire website translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Legal translation
  • Financial translation
  • Technical translation
  • etc.

Customize your order with additional options

Rush Order
+$0.044 per word
+$0.055 per word
traduction de fichiers graphiques
Graphic File
+$0.044 per word
service de relecture pour vos traductions
Extra Proofreading
+$0.044 per word

*Rates differ based on selected languages and expertise

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Why is the billing per word?

A translation is billed according to the number of source words, in other words, the no. of words that appear in the original document. A translator is usually paid according to the number of words translated rather than by the hour or day.

This pricing structure means you can get a pretty precise estimate of the price of your translation in advance: you won’t need to re-evaluate your budget half-way through the project.

Although complex content, which requires many hours of work, isn’t billed according to the time spent, it will still have a higher cost per word than simple content. That’s why it’s important to choose your translation level carefully to ensure optimum quality.

TextMaster has a free online tool which will help you to better extimate your translation costs. We automatically calculate the number of words for all document formats.

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Example pricing

translate an email

Standard translation

50 words

Product Descriptions

E-commerce translation

100 words

B2B Blog Post

Enterprise translation + Expertise

350 words

Mobile App

Standard translation

450 words

brochure translation

Enterprise translation

1,000 words