Translate your Drupal website with the TextMaster API


What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). Its flexibility enables it to meet the vast majority of market needs: institutional websites, community websites, commercial websites, blogs, intranets, etc.

With its solid, extensive and comprehensive platform, Drupal makes it possible to quickly and easily get a functional website up and running online. And for the more experienced, there are numerous optional modules available that can be completely customised by developers.

With more than one million websites now using it, Drupal is one of the leading content management systems on the market.

This is why TextMaster has developed a special module designed to enable Drupal 7 and 8 users to easily translate their websites.  

Find out how to install and use the TextMaster API on your Drupal website with our dedicated tutorial.

Deploying a multilingual website: multiple challenges.

Translating your Drupal website requires a considerable amount of time and effort and presents numerous challenges:

  • The considerable volume of translation involved
  • Good SEO practices
  • The quality of the translations
  • Staying within your budgetary constraints, and the transparency of translation costs
  • Integration of translated content, etc.


Why integrate the TextMaster API into your Drupal 7 or 8 website?

Completely automated translation flows

Optimise your translation workflow by accessing TextMaster’s services directly from your Drupal interface: automatic delivery and collection of content, HTML tag-based segmentation, the ability to set options, the ability to choose the translators, etc.

Reduced translation costs

Benefit from our propietary translation technologies (the MEMENTO™ translation memory, proofread automatic translations via POSTEDITOR™, the LEXIO™ glossary, etc.) and save up to 50% on your direct translation costs.

High quality and SEO optimised content

TextMaster checks and monitors the quality of the translations in real time.

Reduced translation lead times

With the ability to process several million words per month, TextMaster’s network and technologies enable you to dramatically accelerate the deployment your multilingual website.

Organisational productivity gains

You get to outsource all your translation requirements and challenges to an external specialised partner. Your teams are free to focus on their specialist areas and no longer need to manually manage the process of translating your content.  

Find out about all the ways we can integrate with your operation!

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