Optimising your e-commerce site for m-commerce


M-commerce: why is mobile optimisation important for e-commerce sites?

According to a 2022 Insider Intelligence report, m-commerce retail sales reached 359.32 billion dollars in 2021. And the experts believe this figure will double by 2025. With growth forecasts like this, it’s sensible to pull out all the stops to attract mobile buyers. After all, 35% of e-commerce turnover comes from mobile sales and, with 5G being rolled out, this percentage won’t be decreasing any time soon!

So, here is why [...]

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Everything you need to know about social commerce in 2023


How to use social commerce in 2023 “Where did you get those posters?” “From an ad I saw on Instagram.” “I want them too.”

This kind of interaction is becoming more common as social commerce booms. Social commerce sneaks onto our phones, directs us to a payment method faster and shows us brands we’ve never seen before.

For sellers, the advantage is that even small brands can take centre stage in this new market segment. So, how do you use social commerce in 2023?

What [...]

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Click & Collect: what is it and how to set it up


Click & Collect: what is it, what are the benefits, and how do you set it up?

Grocers, restaurants and other local shops are finding customers are more and more connected and demanding. To meet these new expectations, shop owners need to adapt by offering innovative solutions. One of them is Click & Collect. This post sets out what this is, its benefits and, most importantly, how to set up Click & Collect for your business.

What is Click & Collect?

Click & [...]

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The 5 risks of machine translation


5 reasons why you shouldn’t always rely on machine translation

Machine translation (MT) has two big advantages: it’s quick and it’s cheap. But be careful. Although this technology allows you to translate swathes of information in an instant, it does have its downsides. In this post, we explain why you shouldn’t always rely on machine translation.

What is machine translation?

Machine translation creates texts using enormous text corpuses available in multiple languages.

Originally, this service was deployed around 30 years ago by Microsoft, Apple [...]

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The top 10 social listening tools in 2023


The top 10 social listening tools

Where are your products and/or services being mentioned online? Which keywords perform best in your sector and the countries where you sell? Who is talking about your brand and what are they saying? To answer these questions, you can use one of the top social listening tools below. But before we get to them, here is what social listening aims to achieve!

What does social listening aim to achieve?

Social listening means keeping up with what’s [...]

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