Best e-commerce delivery solutions


Which e-commerce delivery solutions should I choose?

Optimising delivery solutions on your e-commerce site is a necessary part of maximising customer satisfaction. Just like payment solutions, prospective customers often need a choice of different delivery solutions to encourage them to make a purchase. The goal of this post is to set out all the options, but above all, the most popular e-commerce delivery solutions.

Which delivery options are available for e-commerce?

There are many e-commerce delivery options. This refers to the various [...]

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How to redesign your e-commerce site for an international audience


How to redesign your e-commerce site: steps for international success

Do very few people visit your website? Is the bounce rate too high? Or maybe you just want to think bigger? No matter the reason behind it, a website redesign is the perfect strategy to improve a site’s SEO, we suggest you do it every 2 or 3 years. But how do you redesign your e-commerce site for international success?


1. Put together your e-commerce site’s graphic chart

Most graphic charts have [...]

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7 top tips to turbocharge your online sales over the summer


E-commerce: how to boost your sales during the summer

For many online sellers, summer signals a drop in sales. Although, if you sell parasols and sunscreen, you should be alright. However, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to increase traffic to your website over the summer months. After all, most of your customers are lazing around in the sun, not glued to their smartphones…

Here are our seven top tips from the pros to help you boost your online sales over the [...]

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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools


Digital marketing: 10 essential tools in 2023

If you want to keep your competitive edge in the marketing sector today, you have no choice but to surround yourself with experienced people and use high-quality software and apps. If these are your current objectives, read on. Here are the 10 best digital marketing tools of the moment. Which one is your favourite?

1. TextMaster

TextMaster is more than a digital marketing tool, it is a global SaaS translation solution. What does this mean? Quite [...]

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AI, ChatGPT and translation: the complete guide


How AI is revolutionising the translation sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed a range of sectors, such as healthcare, recruitment, insurance and… translation. AI has made translating legal documents, websites, and user manuals much quicker. This access to AI is therefore good news for translators. However, there are risks involved in using AI in translation. Let’s take a look at them together!

AI-based machine translation tools

There are two kinds of AI-based machine translation tools:

neural machine translation (NMT) tools statistical machine translation (SMT) [...]

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