Conversational marketing: definition, advantages, examples


Over recent months and years, conversational marketing has become a key part of effective communication strategies. Experienced Community Managers know that having conversations with clients tends to improve conversion and ROI. However, how can we communicate with our clientele, virtually in real time? What is the definition of conversational marketing? What are the advantages?

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is the logical successor to relationship marketing. It puts the emphasis on dialogues between brands and their customers, in real time.

The [...]

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Translation: the dangers of cross-language plagiarism


As the search for information becomes more international, more content creators turn to foreign texts when writing their own! If the research is carried out cleverly, the results can be interesting and unique. However, if you simply copy and paste a foreign text, translating it into your target language along the way, you are guilty of cross-language plagiarism. In this post, we explore the dangers of cross-language plagiarism in translation!

What is cross-language plagiarism or plagiarism by translation?

If you copy and paste a text into an online translator and [...]

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What are the main e-marketing trends for 2023?


The 10 e-marketing trends to know for 2023

To maximise your results and the impact of your actions, make use of these 10 e-marketing trends to know for 2023. With these, your e-marketing strategy will be a sure-fire hit!

1. Inclusive marketing

Underrepresented and/or marginalised groups have had enough of being ignored by brands. Make sure to make your branding all-inclusive in order to give people a more welcoming space. We are talking in particular about:

👉 People with disabilities 👉 People who don’t meet [...]

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How do you reassure visitors to your online shop?


When a user is browsing a website, they need to feel at ease and reassured. The “s” in “https” (that means “secure”) is the first step in reassuring visitors to your online shop. However, it’s not the only method you can use to reassure people… In this article, we’re going to give you seven top tips to help you gain the trust of users.

1. Create a professional design 🖌️

Would you feel more reassured by the slogan “Belgian chocolatier since 1996” [...]

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Five tips to create a successful loyalty programme


How to create a successful loyalty programme

Far from being a gimmick, a loyalty programme is an effective way to increase your online shop’s turnover. An Accenture study has shown that customers who are members of a loyalty programme spend between 12% and 18% more than other customers. However, what’s the best way to create a high-quality loyalty programme? The answer (and lots more) can be found in this post!


1. Make joining the loyalty programme easy

To make joining the programme [...]

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