Obtain a video transcription and a translation of your subtitles with SubTitly™, the professional video translation service. Get subtitles of impeccable quality with fast turn-around times.

SubTitly™: a Solution Designed for
Multilingual Subtitling

Each day, 100 million internet users will watch a video online. Multilingual subtitling is essential to help you broadcast your message to an international audience. A particularly technical task, translating subtitles requires numerous skills and technologies: the ability to manage different video file formats, audio transcription, subtitle legibility, timecode adjustment, delivery in the relevant format, etc.

That’s why TextMaster created SubTitly™, a specially-designed solution that simplifies multilingual subtitling. SubTitly™ allows you to obtain a transcript and subtitle translation for all video types: conferences, training videos, tutorials, internal communication, product presentation, videos for social networks, etc.

Subtitle and translate your professional videos in over 50 languages and areas of expertise with SubTitly™.

How Does It Work?

Sending the video

Send your video to the TextMaster team and describe your video transcription and translation project.

Transcription and Editing

Your subtitles are automatically created using an intelligent audio transcript technology. They are then read by professional proof-readers.

Expert translation

Our expert translators, specialising in audio-visual translation, will translate and adapt your subtitles while adhering to the technical requirements of subtitling.

the subtitles

You can download the subtitles on the TextMaster platform in the format that is most convenient to you, with or without a timecode: srt, webvtt, txt, docx, etc.

Do you have a video translation project?

Audio Transcription and Video Translation
with SubTitly™

A Two-in-One Solution

The SubTitly™ service allows you to transcribe and translate all your videos within a single interface. Send your video file to our team and receive your subtitles translated into your target language directly on your TextMaster interface.

You also need the transcript file in the source language or to reintegrate the translated subtitles back into your original video? Be sure to specify this in the briefing and when launching your video translation project!

translation of subtitles
translate your professional videos

Professional, Specialist Translators

Translating your subtitles requires specific skills. The translator must summarise, adapt or remove certain elements in order to adhere to the technical limitations of subtitling.

Specialists in audio-visual translation, our translators are adept at translating subtitles into the target language.

TextMaster uses the best translators in the market in order to guarantee impeccable quality. We have tested, validated and segmented our network of expert translators, who cover more than 50 languages and areas of expertise.

Our quality guarantee

Track Your Projects Online at any Time

TextMaster allows you to follow the translation of your video transcript files in real time. All your projects are centralised in the same place and a complete history is available to you. The subtitle transcript and translation files are delivered within 24 hours on average.

Expert Project Managers

Our project managers are there to guide you and offer support whenever you need it. They will ensure that your subtitling and translation project runs smoothly: personalised updates, tracking schedules and budgets, additional proof-reading if necessary, etc. Benefit from the whole range of services a translation agency has to offer!

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Using SubTitly™:

  • Ad agencies

  • PR agencies

  • Media companies

  • E-commerce websites

  • Software publishers

Examples of Translated Video Content:

  • Conferences and events

  • Training and online lessons (MOOCs)

  • Webinars

  • Videos for social networks

  • Tutorials and product presentations

  • Interviews

  • Internal communication videos

  • etc.

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