How Camping and Co. translated hundreds of thousands of words in less than 4 months

Who is Camping-and-Co?

The company is the leading website for regular and premium packages for outdoor and camping vacations. Users can find more than 700 campgrounds on Camping-and-Co across France, Spain, Croatia, Italy, just to name a few. From mobile homes to chalets, cabins and campsites, Camping-and-Co has a variety of rentals to choose from.

What were your goals?

We were in the midst of an international expansion and were entering 5 new markets (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain). We needed to create high quality, SEO content to launch the international versions of our websites.

Why did you choose TextMaster?

We compared several translation companies, including TextMaster. We also talked to other online retailers, many of whom recommended TextMaster. The initial tests had very promising results, so we decided to send all of our content to TextMaster for translation into 5 languages.

How do you work with TextMaster?

•   Translation of SEO content in the travel/tourism field (rental descriptions, campsite descriptions, semantic structure of the website, contracts)
•   Use of the platform to manage high volume projects (several hundred thousand words)
•   TextMaster project managers
•   Finding and managing a team of favorite translators

What were the results?

We will see the impact once the website is open for business (our industry is very seasonal), but we have several goals in mind:
•   Ranking well in search engines in foreign countries
•   Providing a good user experience to our customers by offering information in their native language
So far, we’ve seen very promising results from TextMaster in terms of the speed and quality of our translation – we were able to receive our product catalog of 700 campsite descriptions translated for each country in only 4 months.

What were the benefits of working with TextMaster?

•   Good quality and price: the price is very competitive compared to traditional translation agencies
•   Clear and intuitive platform
•   Availability and responsiveness of the project manager (guided us every step of the way) and the sales team
•   Capacity: hundreds of thousands of words in just 4 months

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