Voted as one of the top 3 mostly useful languages in business, French is an essential language for international growth.

Many companies invest in English to French translation when they decide to expand to new markets. They have good reason – French is the official language of 29 countries, with a total of 73 million native-speakers and 338 million people that know it as a second language.

If you want truly localized content that resonates with your audience, French translation is a must in many parts of the world.

English to French Translation:
Points to Consider

The French language varies across different countries and it is therefore crucial to have a French translator that understands the local preferences of your target audience, including expressions and writing style. It is also important to choose a French native speaker that has a deep knowledge of the English language so that they can understand the nuances of the original text and accurately translate it. This two-way language expertise is especially important for companies that need to properly communicate their brand identity.

English to French Website Translation

Localising your website is one of the key starting points when expanding to new markets. Website translation allows you to reach new customers through SEO content that ranks high in Google, while at the same time converting customers with persuasive, well-written web pages.

TextMaster’s online translation services make it easy to translate your web content into French, no matter what format it is in. Learn more about our translation platform here.

English to French Translation of your Online Store

While online shopping has become a regular activity for many consumers, the element of trust is as crucial as ever. A properly translated online store, with localized product descriptions, measurements and currency, will give the customer the confidence to buy from you rather than a competitor.

Whether your store is purely online or not, French translation is also vital for better international SEO, ensuring that customers are easily able to find you in search results.

With our ecommerce translation services, you can translate your entire product catalog in just a few steps. You can upload your web content on our platform or use one of our plugins for ecommerce sites such as Drupal, Magento et WordPress.

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Business Document Translation into French

While website translation is fundamental to any international expansion, it is important to remember other types of print and digital marketing assets. French translation of documents such as brochures, presentations, product packaging and flyers. Advertising materials need extensive adaptation, known as transcreation, in order to ensure that it resonates with local audiences.

Have you thought about the other communications in your business that may be smaller, but more frequent than your brochures or web content? Social media posts, customer support emails or marketing newsletters should be in the language of your customers. Since our translation services do not require a minimum word count, you can easily have all of these types of communications translated through our platform or email translation service.

English to French Translation
from Anywhere at Any Time

You no longer need to search for a translation agency in London, New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, or Dallas. TextMaster’s online translation service is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Localized French Translation

We have a network of French translators across the globe, which enables us to offer localized French translation for France, Canada (Quebec), Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Haiti, and various countries in Africa.

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