The internet has no borders, so why should your game? Reaching an international audience is crucial to increasing the popularity of your game and your business. This is a field where user experience is paramount and a fully localised game allows players to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

We know that the development process is different between game publishers, which is why we offer a range of game localization and translation tools to match your needs. We combine the expertise of our carefully-selected translators specialized in game localization with advanced technology, ensuring that your game is translated accurately and on time.

Robust Translation Tools

We have a comprehensive suite of localization and translation tools to make your game multilingual: online platform, API, and integration with specialized localization platforms like Tranisfex, PhraseApp, Lingohub and Localize. These tools are easy to use for developers and come with a variety of customizable features.

Online Translation Platform

We have worked extensively on creating a robust online translation platform that accepts a range of file types. The platform gives you hands-on access to your game localisation project by automatically counting the words, processing HTML tags and using live Translation Memory to increase the translation team’s productivity.

Translation API

Our powerful API makes it possible to integration our translation services directly into your own system. This gives you full control of your game localisation by enabling you to pick and choose which of our translation features you wish to use.

Localisation Integration

We have partnered with several cloud-based localisation platforms to allow you to have all of your resources in one place – developers, project manager and translators.

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A Streamlined Translation Process

Game localization can be a complex undertaking, from technical integration to quality assurance. Our translation services were developed with this in mind, creating a more streamlined process.

Quality Guarantee

Our network of qualified translators is carefully selected to ensure that they have the necessary expertise in game localization. Following a rigorous recruitment process, their work is supervised by a team of internal project managers who ensure that it meets the highest standards. Our clients rate the translator after every project, allowing us to have an accurate view of the quality of our translators’ work. This is how we are able to consistently achieve a client satisfaction rate of 98%. Read more about our quality guarantee here.

Translation Memory

Game localization and translation often involves a high volume of similar text. Our Translation Memory option makes it possible to find similarities and propose existing translations to the translator in order to increase their productivity. This also reduces the total word count and leading to significant cost-savings.

Ongoing Communication

At TextMaster, technology works hand in hand with human interaction. Whether it’s through our online translation platform, API or localization integrations, you can always communicate directly with your translator. This makes it possible to clarify any ambiguities and even ask for revisions.

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