Translating your content from English to Italian is always a good idea. In fact, when you want to go global, you should begin with the countries in Europe. First, because we have a shared culture and, second, because commercial exchanges between them are streamlined. In order to tap into this market, it is crucial that you choose the right translation service. Learn how TextMaster can assist you with translating your content into Italian.

The Importance of Translating Your Content into Italian

Whether you need to translate a product fact sheet, a marketing brochure or a website, it is important to have it translated into Italian. That nation’s third-largest trading partner (and in certain years, the second-largest). As a result, your international expansion will have to include Italy. So it is critical that you find good Italian translators to establish credibility with your audience, inspire confidence – which leads to purchases, boost your visibility in the country, increase brand awareness and more.

Content localization is not just about translating. It should also take into account cultural factors. The goal is not to translate a text word for word, but rather to adapt it to the local culture to remain pertinent to the country’s specific characteristics and preserve authenticity. The best way to ensure you get a quality translation from English to Italian is to work with a professional translation agency like TextMaster.

Italian Translation: Save Time by Working Through a Platform

TextMaster is a platform that enables you to order Italian translations of all your content online in just a few clicks. Within a single interface, you can access a large set of features including: instant quotes, centralization of your projects, real-time project monitoring, and direct communication with your translators.”

Meanwhile, a dedicated team sees that your translations proceed smoothly so that your experience is a seamless as possible. You can rest easy knowing that your content is in the hands of expert international project managers. Delegating this supervisory role enables you to invest your time in the other projects on your plate.

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If you want your text to contain specific turns of phrase, idioms, and common expressions, you need your project to be translated by a native speaker. This is why we work exclusively with a network of confirmed native Italian translators. They translate only into their native language, and all our translators pass a series of advanced tests designed to ensure that they have the required skills and subject matter expertise. This is how we formed our network of certified translators in over 50 languages and areas of expertise, which is recognized as one of the best in the world.

In addition, TextMaster was audited and found to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001-2015 standard. This standard attests to the quality of TextMaster’s services and certifies that we follow a rigorous quality process comprising multiple quality control steps.

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Italian Translation: Take Advantage of the Best Translation Technology

TextMaster devotes a significant share of its resources to R&D to develop cutting-edge translation assistance tools: translation memory, glossaries, post-editing, etc. Thanks to these technologies, we drastically optimize the quality and cost of translation projects.

TextMaster handles all types of files, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, CSV files and many of the more complex formats that are commonly used by developers.

We have also created modules dedicated to the most frequently used platforms, such as Prestashop, Magento, Akeneo and WordPress. These modules allow you to send all of your content that requires translation in real time and then reintegrate it automatically.

Translate from English to Italian using our API

Would you like to leverage the services and quality of TextMaster’s Italian translators without changing work environments? You can! We developed an ultra-simple API to integrate in your system. The translation process remains unchanged. Everything is automated. Plus, you benefit from a team of certified, native Italian translators whose quality has been proven time and again.

Our API includes the entire set of TextMaster’s features. And all of your projects – even the biggest ones – are managed within a fully optimized process.

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