TextMaster makes it possible to translate a wide range of format types, from standard documents to web and app files.
Our partner integrations also allow you to order translation directly from your own interface. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a particular file type.

Document translation

Whether you need to translate a simple Word document or an entire corporate brochure in Adobe InDesign, you can send and receive your order in the same file format that you uploaded. Our advanced word count system automatically calculates the number of words in your document for most types of files. Otherwise, you can manually enter the number of words yourself for complex formats (like a scanned PDF document). Your translations are delivered in the same format that you sent them in.

We translate the following types of documents

Microsoft Office files


Open Office files


Text files


Adobe files



*must be approved by a project manager

Software & mobile app translation

A recent study showed that localizing your software, plugins and apps can boost downloads by 128% and increase revenues by 26%. Localizing your software is also one of the most important ways of succeeding in new markets and adapting your content to local users. With TextMaster, it’s easy to translate all of your web and mobile file types.

Supported file formats


Website Translation

Website translation is often a tedious, manual process. With its API,plugins and wide range of supported file types, TextMaster allows you to translate your website in just a few clicks. We support standard web files (.xml, .html, .htm) that we “clean” so that the translator does not see the code, only the text to translate. In all cases, our translators are experienced with web files and know how to avoid changing the source code.

We have also partnered with a number of localization solutions in order to offer your a variety of translation integrations.

Translation in Transifex

Translation your content directly in Transifex thanks to the TextMaster integration.

WPML Translation

Send and receive your translation directly through WordPress with our WPML integration.

Translation in Phrase
Phrase Translation

Localize your content through Phrase thanks to our translation service integration.

Our clients say it best

Camping and co
MAURER Ecommerce Director

“Thanks to TextMaster, we were able to receive our product catalog of 700 campsite descriptions translated for each country in only 4 months.”

Project Manager

“We chose to work with TextMaster because of their professionalism and their technology. The API integration allowed us to save a significant amount of time.”

E-Store and Project Manager

“One of the best aspects is the platform – it’s practical and intuitive – everything about it is great.”

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