Website translation is an essential element of any international expansion strategy, but we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A key element of a website translation workflow is having the technical abilities to automatically send and receive content while following the structure of the website.

Since its creation, TextMaster has specialized in website translation and localization. We've developed leading translation solutions by combining advanced technology with a network of experienced translators. This allows us to dramatically increase our quality, competitiveness and efficiency.

Website Translation through TextMaster

Unlike traditional low-tech translation agencies, we have developed a suite of tools dedicated to website translation. Our services are also integrated into many popular localization platforms and are also available through our API.
Our Benefits:

A specialized online translation platform

TextMaster’s intuitive platform makes it easy to upload different types of file formats. Our system automatically counts the words to create an instant quote and estimated turnaround time, based your project requirements. Once the project has been launched, you can check up on its progress in real time.

Wide range of supported file formats

We can work with all types of translation files and formats. No matter how your website is built, we support .html, .xliff, .po and .yaml files, among many others. You can also import your content using CSV or XML formats. Just upload your files and TextMaster will take care of the rest.

Translation API

Our translation API allows you to integrate all of our translation services directly into your system. You then have full control of your translation, allowing you to automate your process through your own website, thereby removing manual work.

Integrations and localization solutions for PIM and CMS

We have integrated our translation services into the top CMS, PIM and localization platforms on the market, including Transifex, Phrase, Quable, Akeneo, WordPress, and Magento. You simply select the products or fields that you wish to translate and send them to TextMaster right from your back office. They will be automatically reintegrated once the translation is completed.

Why Work With TextMaster

The key to TextMaster’s success is more than just our technology; it’s the principles of quality and efficiency that we incorporate from classic translation agencies. Our website translation services include four key components that ensure fast and streamlined process.

Quality Guaranteed

Our experienced translators are selected and tested to meet the strictest quality standards. Their work is monitored by our project managers and proofreaders, then evaluated by the client after every project. This rigorous process has allowed us to achieve a 98% customer satisfaction rate year after year. Learn more about our quality guarantee by clicking here.

Ongoing communication

TextMaster’s translation services bring together the efficiency of technology and the quality of experienced professionals. Ongoing communication with your translators allows you to clarify your instructions, specify certain terms and answers their questions in order to get the perfect translation.

A la carte pricing

Our different service levels and extra options allow you to make a custom order that’s adapted to your needs and budget. With TextMaster, your order is customized to the complexity of your project, so you only pay for what you need.

Account Management

If, like many businesses, you don’t have the time or personnel to manage your translations, TextMaster offers a comprehensive project management service. Our in-house team can handle everything from translator recruitment to launching your projects to conducting quality control.

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Already working with companies in:

  • Sites media

  • Travel & tourism websites

  • Online stores

  • Editeurs de logiciels

  • Marketing departments

  • Web agencies

  • Communication agencies

We translate the following types of web content:

  • Corporate websites

  • Online stores

  • SMB websites

  • Information websites

  • Price comparison websites

  • Landing pages

  • Product catalogs

  • Career websites

  • Travel guides

  • News websites & blogs

  • Editorial content

  • User generated content

  • Dating websites

  • Scientific websites


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